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"When you’re ready for something more durable than philosophy, metaphysics, or orthodox religion, then you’re ready for the knowledge that grants love, wisdom, and spiritual freedom. These three qualities are available through the teachings of ECK. "The answer is in your hands."

—The Call of Soul

If you would like a free copy of Harold Klemps new book, the Call of Soul, please email (name) at (email address) this offer is open as supplies last. ECKANKAR of the Dakotas frequently offers worship services in both Hot Springs, SD and Rapid City, SD as well as Introductory talks in Fargo ND. Please click here for dates and times. Also offered are book discussions of Harold Klemps book, " the Call of Soul" and topics such as "Have you had a Spiritual Experience", Past lives, Dreams and Soul Travel.


Free Book
Receive this introductory book Is life just a random walk? free when you contact us for more information about the ECK teachings.

Author Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, teaches that life follows a natural order. This lifetime is a precious chance to reawaken to your true identity. If you have a strong desire to find a better, more direct way to God, read Is Life a Random Walk? The truth you seek may be at your fingertips. .
To receive this free book or for more information please write or call us.
Thank You.

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You may also request the free book and information from the main ECKANKAR website at:



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