Chores to Keep Your Garden Looking Flawless

Your garden is one of the most important aspects to your home, and what you do with it can make or break the curb appeal. If you want to have a gorgeous lawn that has flowers blooming all year long, then this article will help you out! If you want to have the most beautiful lawn you should check out these Lawn Care services.

We’ll go over six chores that are essential for keeping your garden looking flawless:

-Mowing: every week or so for a lawnmower, and then weekly with scissors.

-Watering: be sure to water the entire garden at least once each day, but do not overwater!

Lawn Care

-Weeding: use your hand or some gardening tools to get those pesky weeds out of there. If you have an area that is wetter than others–such as around flowers–be sure to put down weed barrier before planting anything new in order to avoid getting them later on.

-Picking up leaves from trees/shrubs: these can rot easily and cause unwanted mold growth if left on the ground too long. Leaves should be picked up when they are still dry during autumn after all of the rain and snow has passed.

-Pruning: this is a crucial part of your garden’s upkeep! If you want to grow flowers, not saplings, then it’s time for some pruning. Cut back perennials or shrubs that have grown taller than they should be–or cut down any branches that are blocking view of other plants in order to allow them more sunlight.

-Watering trees/shrubs: these plants can actually benefit from being watered on occasion as opposed to just during autumn when leaves need picked up. In summertime (April-October) water every two weeks if possible; otherwise try four times per year during winter months only (November-March).