Dangerous Potholes!

We all know that potholes are dangerous, but why? There are a number of reasons for this. Some of the most common dangers include: tire damage, flat tires and even loss of control which can lead to an accident. All these things can happen if you drive over a pothole without taking precautions or driving at a slower speed.

Grand Rapids Asphalt Company repairs roads and potholes damaged due to aging, water infiltration and weathering.

The danger lies in the fact that they catch us off guard because we do not see them on time when we drive by them; either from their camouflage or from our own lack of attention when scanning for hazards ahead as well as behind us while driving.

Grand Rapids Asphalt Company

The danger is exacerbated by the angle with which cars usually hit it (at point-blank range) rather than having some space between the two.

A pothole’s narrow shape makes it difficult to see from a distance and its irregularly shaped surface can make it hard for drivers to anticipate the impact forces that they are about to feel as their car runs into the hole .

While driving, we often don’t know where or when these dangerous road hazards will appear on our roadsides; making them all the more treacherous.

This is why municipalities have an obligation of care towards motorists – car-dependent societies need functioning infrastructures in order for society to function smoothly. The problem with this responsibility is that infrastructure maintenance funds are not always available at levels required by municipal budgets today given shrinking revenues and increasing costs of construction materials (cranes, labor etc.).